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under the blue skies

the gentle breeze follows you

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This is where I will post most of my fanfictions, icons and other things that a normal next-door fangirl would post. Well, from time to time, you'd see me post some of my rants and stuff. Don't worry, I don't do that very often. If you'll notice, I write a lot of het fics. I'm still very new to writing fics and I'll try to be more diverse with my writing style.I'm Donghae biased, for now, at least. And maybe a little Ryeowook biased. So maybe you'll get to read yaoi fics centered on them?? I don't know.I am a certified CassiopELF♥NE that has developed an obsession with SHINee's Key. xD. And I just can't help but stare at the cute picture here. *points* Yes, I have a weakness for cute things. The same goes with my fanfics, if they're not too cheesy, then they're too angsty. rofl. If you can handle someone like me: I don't bite people, that's for sure.